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Immortals (7 members)
The Legion Of Bloods (7 members)
The Legion of Bloods || LG

The Legion of Bloods is a clan arranged organization with the goal of killing objects that obstruct the evolera server. The clan is run by a group of highly knowledgeable people that are said to never die in the darkness of the clan.
Makeover And War (6 members)
Evolera Staff Team (5 members)
The Evolera staff team's own Guild
Mofos (5 members)
Araximusa And Kobra (4 members)
Artists In Battles (4 members)
Last Warning (4 members)
Guild Era Habbine And Joker (2 members)
Let Your Nuts Hang Crew (2 members)
Makeover (2 members)
New Power (2 members)
Omar Elshamy (2 members)
Party Maker (2 members)
Poland King (2 members)
Efficiency Lost (1 member)
Guilds Name Leader (1 member)
Outsiders (1 member)
Trutles Golbal (1 member)
Guild Alastora (0 members)
Guild Jstrasy (0 members)

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8 Musse2.57M
9 Toure2.56M
10 Reaper2.56M